The Health and Retirement Study (HRS) in the ALP

A set of surveys based on the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) 2008 and 2012 waves is conducted on the ALP. The main goal behind fielding these surveys in the ALP is to obtain a rich set of background variables that can be used in conjunction with data collected in domain specific surveys; e.g. using the HRS health survey data in combination with data on health literacy.

The tables below identify the ALP survey name used to refer to particular HRS sections, and the date on which each section was fielded. The listing order corresponds to the order in which panel members participate in the different HRS surveys.

Data Access

The individual ALP datasets and metadata are available on the Data section of this website or the specific survey in the tables below.

HRS 2008


RAND ALP HRS data are also distributed as a single file which includes the nine surveys from the HRS 2008.

The following files are available for download:

Correction for Section M: Disability

Due to an issue in survey 132, some questions for Section M: Disability were not fielded to respondents. These questions were fielded in 259.

HRS 2012

Relationship to the RAND HRS data

The RAND ALP HRS (Version K) is based on the same methodology as the RAND HRS Version K. The RAND HRS contains cleaned and processed Health and Retirement Study variables with consistent and intuitive naming conventions, model-based imputations and imputation flags, and spousal counterparts of most individual-level variables. To read more about the RAND HRS methodology and variable derivations please refer to the data documentation .

Additional information about the RAND HRS can be found here .

User Friendly Data File for Financial Behavior

Data from RAND ALP HRS Wave 1 and Wave 2 has been linked with National Financial Capability Study data and several other surveys. This data file is available as a user-friendly version with simplified variable names. Please go to this link to obtain this file.