Services Overview

The ALP is available to researchers anywhere in the world. Running a survey in the ALP is quick, easy, and affordable. Our team handles all the details so you can focus on your research. Please contact us at to discuss in detail what services are best for you.

Survey Expertise

Our experts are available to help ensure you get the data you need.

Panel Helpdesk

Our helpdesk fields emails and calls from our panel members, in both English and Spanish.

Multiple Languages

ALP surveys can be fielded in both English and Spanish. We handle all of the translation work for Spanish surveys.


We take care of all the incentive payments to respondents. Panel members are paid quarterly at a rate of $20 for a 30 minute survey.

Invitations and Reminders

We handle all of the sample management, from selecting panel members to sending invitation and reminder emails, to tracking the fieldwork.

Methodological Experiments

We offer flexible services. Experiment with randomization, varying layouts, reminders and more to run your methodological experiments on the ALP.

Early Access

You can choose to embargo your data for a limited amount of time, ensuring you get early access to your data.

Real-Time Monitoring

Through the administration portal for your survey, you'll be able to track the fieldwork in real-time, and download the data whenever you wish.


Want a follow-up survey in the future? The ALP is a longitudinal panel, so you can run another survey in the future, with the same group of respondents.

For more information about our data collection technology and capabilities, click here.


We provide a full suite of services to ensure that your study objectives are met, while being cost effective and scientifically rigorous. We can provide statistical consulting services, as well as survey design assistance as needed. The ALP survey rate covers the basic costs of fielding your survey, including survey programming, development and maintenance costs of the survey software; panel maintenance and recruiting; costs of providing laptops and Internet subscriptions; incentive payments to respondents; dissemination of data and documentation; and administrative, client relations, and management costs.

$3.00 per interviewee minute for the first 500 respondents
$2.50 per interviewee minute for the next 500 respondents
$2.00 per interviewee minute for any respondent beyond 1000
$2,000 per survey handling costs

For example, 1,500 respondents taking a 10 minute interview would cost $39,500