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Conditions of Use for ALP Public and Preliminary Release Data

Thank you for your interest in the American Life Panel (ALP) Public and Preliminary Release data. Once you have registered as a user of this site, Public Release data may be downloaded to your computer from the ALP Data Pages.

The data and documentation files at this site are provided for your convenience by the staff of the ALP. While ALP staff make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the data and documentation at this site, users are reminded that errors may be present, even in files that have been thoroughly cleaned. The ALP will make reasonable efforts via electronic mail and/or announcements on our public Web site to notify registered users of data file changes.

By registering for access to ALP data, the User agrees to all of the following:

  • Make no attempts to identify study participants.
  • Not to transfer ALP Public or Preliminary Release Data to any third party other than staff or students for whom you are directly responsible. For permission to transfer ALP Public or Preliminary Release Data to a third party, please contact us at
  • Not to allow others to use your username and password to access this site.
  • To certify the destruction of any downloaded ALP Public or Preliminary Release Data, as well as any data derived from ALP data, when requested to do so by the ALP.
  • Provide information regarding publications based on data obtained from the ALP by sending a copy of any papers or publications using ALP data to
  • Report immediately to the ALP at any disclosure of study participant identity as well as any discovery of flaws or errors in the data or documentation.
  • Notify the ALP through use of the update function provided at this site or by electronic mail directed to of changes in your contact information, organizational affiliation or organizational status.