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The ALP is a nationally representative, probability-based panel of over 6000 members ages 18 and older who are regularly interviewed over the internet for research purposes. All data are available for free to researchers.

The ALP is also a service for researchers to field their own questionnaires and experiments. We will work with you to program, field, and monitor your survey. Combine your data with over 400 previously collected surveys for richer analysis.

ALP in 2 Minutes

Watch our video for a quick introduction to the ALP, and how it can help your research.

RAND American Life Panel

Trump's Populist Coalition

A new Presidential Election survey using ALP data contains a number of items commonly used in social science research to measure perceived threat from immigrants and resentment towards demands for equality by African-Americans and women. These measures are strong predictors of support for Trump in the primaries. Trump also does well among Republicans with liberal positions on economic issues.

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